This course will teach students the basics of digital media. The course will include but is not limited to instruction in the following areas: creative writing, marketing, photography, graphic design, and social media. Students will work individually and in groups to write, create, and manage their own projects. Sample student projects during the semester will include poster design, logo design, layout design, marketing campaigns, and social media posts. This is a projects-based class where students are expected to build a portfolio demonstrating technical competence and versatility, clear concept, creative polish, and robust application of marketing and graphic design concepts. In addition, students will be introduced to, as well as encouraged to explore, various career opportunities in marketing/design industries.
This course aims to simulate a real-world marketing environment. Over the course of the semester, students will hold a variety of jobs within their respective projects. As a part of this course, students are commissioned for official projects made on behalf of Lutcher High School and the community. Each project contains different requirements, creative considerations, and schedules; as in the real world, students must use strategic preparation, collaboration, and organization to fulfill the needs of the client.