Spanish II emphasizes the foundation skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading, taught through the application of simple grammatical concepts, and practice in listening and speaking—individually, and in pairs and groups.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to comprehend elementary spoken Spanish, develop and use vocabulary for practical, everyday use, speak sufficiently correct pronunciation to be understood, read and write simple Spanish paragraphs, and discuss and be sensitive to relevant aspects of Hispanic culture.

The arts― music, theatre arts, and visual arts, are fundamental to the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of Louisiana students in the twenty- first century. The arts draw on a range of intelligence, aesthetics, and learning styles not addressed in most educational environments. Students of the arts are encouraged to use their imaginations, to develop personal discipline, and to find multiple solutions to problems. They learn to respond to events and experiences with confidence and to communicate their feelings and viewpoints through appropriate creative outlets. The Louisiana Arts Content Standards bring together the basic content of the four disciplines of dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts, into one common set of standards essential for a comprehensive arts education. The twenty-first century, the age of information, requires more from the next generation of students. The relevance of education in a rapidly changing society will depend on converging the aims of education and the workforce for well-rounded, educated students who will be productive members of society. The arts will assist in the achievement of these aims with the implementation of these rigorous and challenging content standards